Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Willie's baptism and Sis Horrocks

August 27, 2012

how are you all? hope so good! :)
well.. the girl i'm training is named sister horrocks. she is super cute. We get along great.. and she is an AWESOME teacher already.. so that's is good. 
Training is hard. I feel indadequate about a lot of things and I hope I'm giving her the experience she needs. I'm excited for the rest of training though. I can already see myself learning a ton in just the last couple of days. :)
WILLIE GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY :) oh my gosh. best baptism of my life. HE LOOKED SO GOOD. He was glowing. We had a HUGE turn out of poeple too, people are finally loving us!!!! And loving our investigators. We are making a difference in the ward as sister missionaries and that right there means so much to me. . The spirit was SOOOO strong at his baptism. The talks were amazing. Lately, we started having talks at baptisms on temples, too. It's great to get new members excited for the temple. It's awesome. I gave the missionary moment I cried the whole time that I was talking because I'm so proud of Willie. He has made an amazing cahnge in his life' and I spoke about his change and how the gospel changes us. It was great. I got compliments on how I spoke. I'm getting better at sharing the gospel and I love it.  I love being a missionary for days like yesterday. Words can't describe how good it felt at the baptism.
Well.. not much went on the rest of the week. Transfer meeting was long. 18 new missionaries came into the field.
Sis Mack is home! She wants to come see you guys. I think she might be in Utah for conference. she asked for your info. I'll send it to her today :) I miss her dearly. 
Oh, it's been cool to see already why Sis Horrocks is here. She is already touching people who I have been working with for five months. The Lord works in such great ways. He truly knows us.
-sis bake
have a good week

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 21, 2012

Hello Fam :)
How are you all? HOpe so great!
So I knwo all of you say how good I am at writing letters, but I don't think this weeks will be much of anything to say. Haha. This week was CRAZY long and I felt like we didn't get anything accomplished, YET, I've been so tired, it's unreal. I don't know what is wrong with me, or why I'm so tired, but I'm trying to overcome it. I just pray that I can overcome it during training cause I want to be the best trainer that I can be. I know I'm training this new girl for a reason, and I just hope all goes well. I'm super nervous, BUT also super excited.
I'm really going to miss sister brady. It's been really cool to see her come out of her shell this transfer. I think that is why we were together.  I found out how much I love myself. I'm happy with who I am. I'm not perfect, and I still have so many things to work on, but I have found out more who I am this last transfer. At the beginning of this transfer I got a blessing that said these six weeks would be the happiest six weeks. And truly, they have been. I've never been so tired, and so emotionally drained. But, I've also never learned so much about who I can be, and the person that I want to become. So that has been a great blessing. I know I needed to be with sister brady, and i'm grateful for her. I truly am. The Lord knows what He is doing... I need to remember that. Hahah.
------ is doing great :) He came to church this week and loved it!  I love that people in the ward love him and are making an effort to support him. He is super excited to be baptized on Sunday. I'm so excited too!! I know I was meant to meet him. He means so much to me! I'm so glad he is happy now. His daughter wants to learn now. He told us that he talked to his daughter about the gospel and he said it was the BEST conversation he has ever had with her. She is coming to the baptism. I pray she feels the spirit. ------ said he hopes she feels what he feels cause he knows it will change her life. What a good guy!!!!!! Man.. I love the gospel.
Funny story of the week..... Sis Brady and I were eating lunch.. just chillin in our apartment and I look down at her foot and yell " you have a cockroach on your foot!!!" she freaks out and sends the roach flying through the air. It almost hit the ceiling and flew the span of the room. Then we had to smash it and it wouldn't die. We were laughing so hard. Our apartment is so sketch. They are getting us a new one though!!! :) yay!!!
I forgot my planner so I'm trying to remember other events of the week. Weeks are just a blur here. It's crazy. I can't believe I'm about five months out... Can you believe that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? I can't! After training, it'll be  Thanksgiving. Time is flying. I love Pueblo so much! I'm so glad I get to serve here.

I'll write better next week. Wish me luck on training.. So scared to meet my girl!!!!!
MIss you guys!
-Sister Baker

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 13, 2012

Hello fam :)

How are you all? Hope so great :)

Monday, for p-day, we just went shopping. It was fun. We went to hobby lobby and got stuff to make hair pieces for my new short hair! I really love my new hair. It's soo nice and easy to do. It'll be fun for awhile. I'll probably grow it back out, though. Everyone here loves it! I get compliments on it all the time.
Then Tuesday we got to teach at the R.S. activity that night. We taught about object lessons with scripture study and I told everyoen about the scripture bag game we played when I was younger. Everyone liked the idea :) So that was fun to do. Then we drove up to Springs because Wednesday I had to go to the Train the Trainers meeting... AHhh. It was fun to be in Springs.. we stayed with Mack and Sis. Folwell. Mack and I stayed up late talking. She is so great! I'm so grateful to now have her as one of my best friends. It was just so good to see her for a while! I'm sad she is going home.. cause she is my rock out here, but hopefully I can be best friends with the girl I train and that I can be a rock for her as mack was for me.
Wednesday, as I said, I went to that meeting. Sis folwell and I drove to it since we are both training and Mack and Sis brady went out together .The meeting was SO long.. But good. I'm scared but excited to train. After the meeting we came back up to Pueblo and I got a blessing since I have really been struggling with the fact that I may be training and what not. I felt so much better after the blessing. Missions are hard .You get so used to areas, and people and then when things change, it's hard. But I guess it is what a mission is all about!
Thursday we met with----- :) The motorcycle man! HE IS AWESOME! I love him so stinkin much! Haha. He will be one of my fav converts haha. Then I felt sick like all day.... so we slept for some time :/ It was a bummer. I hate feeling sick out here because then I feel so bad cause I'm not acomplishing my purpose.. but sleeping was much needed. I had body aches and everything.. it sucked!
Friday, we had another kind of zone conference thing. Then we went to dinner.
Saturday.. We met with ----- again. Satan is hitting him hardcore. He said he wanted to hold off on his baptism. We talked to him about the gospel and what the Holy Ghost does for us. By the end of our lesson he couldn't wait to be baptized again :) So exciting. he is going to be a great member of the church. 
Sunday... exciting news on sunday... -------  CAME TO CHURCH :) And he LOVED it!!! Everyoen was so nice to him and he is excited to become a member :) I'm so happy to have found him!  
The coolest thing about being on a mission is I'm learning to control my emotions. It's so great. I understand how to turn to the Lord now when I'm upset. I love seeing myself change. I'm still me... just a refined me. It's awesome. A mission is hard... but I'm so grateful and happy to be out here. Seriously.. I know I needed to come here. It's changing my life.
So that's the basics of this week. Love you all so much :)
-Sister Baker

Monday, August 6, 2012

I have 2 big things to tell you all.
1: i'm training. :) I'm nervous, but I know that I'm ready to take it on. I'm excited to meet my new girl! The end of the transfer is the 22. So after that I will be with her for 2 transfers. I'm pretty sure that I will be training in Pueblo, so that means I will be here for at least 7 and a half months... isn't that crazy? I love it here though. My ward is my family, and I'm so grateful for that.
2: I cut ALL my hair off. No joke. I have a pixie cut. And I love it :) It's different for sure. I dyed it really blonde, too. But hey, I figured i'm on a mission and now is the time to have fun with my hair cause I have no one to impress. I have got a lot of compliments on it though. I'll attach a picture of it :) I got it done for free, too. SO that's nice :)
Okay, so as for my week. We saw a lot of miracles this week, which is AWESOME :)
Monday, we didn't do much for P-day, but it was a nice relaxing day. 
Tuesday, we had zone conference. It was good. They talked a lot about having good planning sessions and being obedient.  I love zone conference, it leaves me with a new desire for the work.
Wednesday, we were able to meet with ------- :) He is SOOOOOO amazing and so prepared. I love the guy so much! We taugh him lesson 2 ( plan of salvation) and he soaked it up. He told us that he had always wanted answers to the question of why we were here and where we are going after this life.  He is so excited about the gospel. 
Thursday, we did some planning and then went and saw ------. I love that lady so much. She is really stuggling right now and we had the elders come give her a blessing.  She really loved the blessing and it just strengthened my testimony once again on priesthood power. I love the priesthood.
Friday, we had district meeting and it was great!  Then we visited some people and helped clean the church. it was great to help clean the church  and our Relief Society president was so grateful that we helped, so that felt good. Then we went to dinner and it was at the hawkins, and that's where I get my hair done. So that's when I chopped my hair off!!!!!!!! So crazy :)
Saturday, we did a lot of service in the morning painting a house, then we went to lunch at the relief society presidents house and got some relief society stuff done, so that was good. 
Sunday, was a good day :) Went to church. And we had to teach relief society. 

 Last night, I was thinking about how the week was rough and I was so tired, BUT we accomplished a lot and saw so many great things happen :)

CAN YOU BELIEVE I"M TRAINING? WOW. Wish me luck for when it happens.
I love the church so much.
President Anderson has asked us all to start a mormon.org profile. So now i'm extending the invite to all of you :) DO IT. It gets missionaries a lot of referrals and you can chat with people about the gospel and share your testimony :)
Have a good week :)
-Sister Baker

With companion, Sis. Brady
Pixie cut!
Lovin' the mission!