Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello Family!

Mack and I both feel that during this next transfer we need to do a lot of member work. THere are 635 members in the Mesa ward, about 100 people attend.. if that. It's pretty rough. We are trying to really figure out how to be the best help though. The relief society president invited us to a BBQ on friday at her place with her counslors.. hopefully we can figure some things out.

So remember how Shelby wanted to hook me up with that kid DJ?? Mom, I showed you him on Facebook. Anyways, I was at his moms house the other night planning our ward activity and I told her that people thought I was going to marry her son. She laughed way hard. Small world!!!!

So ------, I talked about him last time. We didn't get to meet with him this week, but he came to church and I think he really enjoyed it. He was saying a prayer during sacrament and I could tell he was really listening to all the testimonies. I really hope he continues to progress in the Gospel.

We met this down syndrome couple the other day while tracting. They are SOOO CUTE!!! Her name is paula and his name is patrick and they are married. At the door Patrick answered and told us his name was Mr. Burmingham and paula swung the door open further and told us she was Mrs. Burmingham and then they both said, and we are married.. with huge smiles on their faces! SO cute! During our return appointment, they showed us their wedding album.. and it was the cutest wedding ever. They made my week.

We have been meeting with a member in our ward who is a convert of 4 years. She is amazing.  We have been teaching her about her divine nature, and that she truly is a daughter of God. We taught her that she needs to really live by the fact that she is a daughter of God, and not just know that she is.. Ya know? Teaching her about her role in life, made me think about how I need to truly start to realize who I am to, and live by that. We told her to write down 50 things that she loves about herself to see how great she is. I'm going to take up the same challenge to try to see what Heavenly Father has really blessed me with.

Cool story, this week we met with a woman who is less active.  SHe hasn't been to church in months.  Well, after meeting with her saturday, she showed up to church sunday and bore an amazing testimony. She looked completely different and I'm so excited to see her get activated again!!! Our ward is growing little by little, but it's great to see the progress.

Something that sucks out here is the way we have to eat. Everyone feeds us so much, and so much dessert. I've gained like 4lbs, and my skirts are tight. I HATE IT! I'm trying to lose weight, but it's so hard. The Smiths have us over like every day for dessert, and so it's hard to not gain weight. I get upset over it, but then I figure it's not that much, and just keep trying to lose weight. Mack and I have only been buying fruits and veggies pretty much. We make salads, stir fry, really healthy cereal and we are trying to watch our serving sizes. It's rough. Hahah. But i'm getting used to eating better. It's just refusing treats at members homes that is the hard part. Hahah.

Thank you for saying I can buy new shoes. Love you guys, that means a lot. In my prayers every night I thank Heavenly Father for having a family like you guys, and for having the support from you guys that I have. I truly miss you guys and love you so much. I'm so grateful for all you do.

I'll try to find some less expensive shoes, but the stores out here are hard to find shoes for cheap. I'll do my best.

Love you all.
Have a good week.

I know this Gospel is true. I love it with all my heart. It changes lives. I read an ensign talk the other day and I loved what it said. It was talking about a bishop but I cahgned the words to missionary. It said, You be the missionary. Let the Lord be their savior.

So true. We just need to work through the Lord, and all will work out.

Thanks for everything you do. Can't tell you enough how much I love being in this family and how much I talk about you guys to Mack. She can't wait to meet you all. Hahahh
-Sister Baker