Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 21, 2012

Hello Fam :)
How are you all? HOpe so great!
So I knwo all of you say how good I am at writing letters, but I don't think this weeks will be much of anything to say. Haha. This week was CRAZY long and I felt like we didn't get anything accomplished, YET, I've been so tired, it's unreal. I don't know what is wrong with me, or why I'm so tired, but I'm trying to overcome it. I just pray that I can overcome it during training cause I want to be the best trainer that I can be. I know I'm training this new girl for a reason, and I just hope all goes well. I'm super nervous, BUT also super excited.
I'm really going to miss sister brady. It's been really cool to see her come out of her shell this transfer. I think that is why we were together.  I found out how much I love myself. I'm happy with who I am. I'm not perfect, and I still have so many things to work on, but I have found out more who I am this last transfer. At the beginning of this transfer I got a blessing that said these six weeks would be the happiest six weeks. And truly, they have been. I've never been so tired, and so emotionally drained. But, I've also never learned so much about who I can be, and the person that I want to become. So that has been a great blessing. I know I needed to be with sister brady, and i'm grateful for her. I truly am. The Lord knows what He is doing... I need to remember that. Hahah.
------ is doing great :) He came to church this week and loved it!  I love that people in the ward love him and are making an effort to support him. He is super excited to be baptized on Sunday. I'm so excited too!! I know I was meant to meet him. He means so much to me! I'm so glad he is happy now. His daughter wants to learn now. He told us that he talked to his daughter about the gospel and he said it was the BEST conversation he has ever had with her. She is coming to the baptism. I pray she feels the spirit. ------ said he hopes she feels what he feels cause he knows it will change her life. What a good guy!!!!!! Man.. I love the gospel.
Funny story of the week..... Sis Brady and I were eating lunch.. just chillin in our apartment and I look down at her foot and yell " you have a cockroach on your foot!!!" she freaks out and sends the roach flying through the air. It almost hit the ceiling and flew the span of the room. Then we had to smash it and it wouldn't die. We were laughing so hard. Our apartment is so sketch. They are getting us a new one though!!! :) yay!!!
I forgot my planner so I'm trying to remember other events of the week. Weeks are just a blur here. It's crazy. I can't believe I'm about five months out... Can you believe that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? I can't! After training, it'll be  Thanksgiving. Time is flying. I love Pueblo so much! I'm so glad I get to serve here.

I'll write better next week. Wish me luck on training.. So scared to meet my girl!!!!!
MIss you guys!
-Sister Baker