Monday, April 30, 2012

A dramatic letter this week:

 I was really tired this week. My body isn't fully used to the new schedule and I honestly think I might have a dairy allergy.
This week we also had a night where we didn't get to do nightly planning.... wanna know why? Well simply because our house was COVERED IN MOTHS. WE killed 50+. It was disgusting. I wanted to die. I was screaming the whole time. Guts are all over our walls. We finally taped up our vents and it's helped the problem a little bit. We also had another cockroach. GROSS! This week we ran out of miles, so that sucked. We had to walk quite a bit. One appointment we had wasn't even home after we walked for like 30 minutes just to get there! We also did service this week. We painted the house of a less active. It was fun. We did it with our zone leaders and we just really had a good time doing it. We had a lot of dinners this week, too. Everyone loves to feed us spaghetti. It's gross. My compainion likes making it so I have to eat more too. Hahaha. Terrible. I truly love it out here. It's so hard. But it's not supposed to be easy. I love my comapinion too! She's so awesome! We get along soooo good. We laugh like non-stop, and we are good at teaching together and by the spirit. I'm really happy with where I am at. And I love the elders in our ward. They are awesome and really attractive. So that's good hahahha. IT WAS SO EXCITING TO SEE NICOLE AND ELIZABETH! ahhh. I loved it!!! I love that family. They are all so nice. And it made my whole week to see them! I love knowing they are so close and so caring!

So there is a family we are teaching.  THey are getting baptized on the 12th.  They are a poor family. They were completely prepared by Heavenly Father to hear our message though. Lessons with them are amazing. They have such faith and accept the Gospel with such ease. We tell them a commandment and they say, Okay. They don't need to fully understand because they just know it's right. They are such a humble, faithful, kind, friendly family. I love them so much! Meeting with them makes my day. They have been searching for years for the true church, and they finally found it. It's amazing to see their faith and to see how much they feel Christs love through us. Their prayers always include how grateful they are for us, and how they are so grateful that the Lord allows us to speak in ways that they can understand. The work is truly amazing out here.
 Have a good week.

with Nicole Hamler
with comp.  Sis Mackenzie
It's all good!
I wonder why the vacuum won't work?
 Oh, it must be this giant hairball!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1st e-mail from Colorado!

So, you heard correctly, I am in the Pueblo Mesa ward. It's a WHOLE NEW WORLD DOWN HERE. My companion is named Sister Mackenzie. But I'll call her Sister Mack for short in the letter. SHE IS AWESOME! She only has 3 transfers left, so she's pretty experienced. I will be spending the next two transfers with her here in Pueblo because they do 12 week trainings. We live in the most ghetto apartment. You have to like drive down an ally to get to where we live. We don't have a dining room table or anything. We have a front room with couches and we both have a desk. We then have the kitchen, and it's so oldschool. You should see the inside of our fridge. It has this little door you open for the tiniest freezer, and the fridge is pretty little too. Haha. Then we have two bedrooms. One room doesn't have beds, just a closet and dresser and mirror and its where i keep my stuff. THe other room we sleep in and Sis Mack gets ready in there. Our bathroom is so old school too. Like it's unreal. There's also moths EVERYWHERE. I tripped over the toilet the other day trying to kill one but it ended up just scaring me to death. We also get cockroaches. It's disgusting. We had one the other night and we both just stood still. We don't have bug killer so instead we grabbed the hairspray and shout and tried to spray it to death. Unfortunatly that didn't work and the roach started running everywhere. SO SCARY! There was shout all over our wood floors in the kitchen hahah. Finally my comp just the killed the sucker. Then it took like five minutes to clean it up. It was pretty funny. We were laughing way hard. We live on the north side of Pueble and our Zone leaders are in our ward. THey just live up the street and there apartment is way nicer. But whatever! We cover north, east, south and county of Pueblo. It's crazy the amount of poverty everyone lives in down here. THe East side is unreal. It's so sad. Everyone is poor. Everyone has health issues. The church is far away and no one wants to drive that far because they don't have the money. Lots of people are on drugs. Like I said, a whole new world and very humbling. I was so blessed to grow up the way I did and in the home that we have.

Our goal is to really help this ward  have more active people to help us teach people. Over the last couple days, the relief society president(she's awesome) gave us like a five page list of women who are inactive or less active. We've been going to all the houses and trying to visit with them and seeing why they haven't been coming. So many of the houses don't exist anymore. Lots of the people have moved. Some have died. While we are out finding people we do tracting as well. Knocking of doors is rough. So many people don't want to talk.

We are teaching a family right now. THey have a baptismal date for the 12 of May! They are an awesome family. It's a mom, dad, and son. So we are so excited for them. We are also teaching this lady named Maria! Our lesson on prayer with her was awesome. I bore my testimony on overcoming struggles and she just looked at me and said, " who are you?!"  She has never been to church but we got her to come Sunday! :) 

It's been an awesome week so far. It's really challening. I'm tired all the time but the Lord gives us strength when we are really doing hard work! I love this Gospel. I love bearing testimony of the truths. I love letting people know that they have a Savior, and that life can be better! I know I need to be in Pueblo. My comp and I get along so good! She is from Canada, and she's just hilarious. We laugh all the time, yet still work hard. She teaches amazing and has great love for people so we have been doing pretty good at teaching together! I'm excited to serve with her for the next 12 weeks!!

Once agan. Love you.

-Sister Baker

Friday, April 20, 2012

Britny is serving in Pueblo.  We haven't heard from her since she arrived, but we will keep you "posted!"

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Sister Britny Catherine Baker
Colorado Colorado Springs Mission
4090 Center Park Dr.
Colorado Springs,  CO

Monday, April 16, 2012

Britny is on her way to Colorado Springs!  She got to call us from the airport this morning, and it was great to hear her voice, her laugh.  She sounds so happy.  She has had many spiritual experiences in the MTC and is learning a lot about herself.  She is nervous and anxious to get out in the field and start teaching.  It was just so wonderful to hear from her!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sister Baker
Easter at the MTC...Robin's egg lipstick!

Temple day with my district

Monday, April 9, 2012

First MTC e-mail

 I never knew how much missionaries enjoyed getting letters until now being a missionary. When your district leader hands you mail, it's a great moment!

In my district it's us three Sisters and then we have six Elders! I LOVE MY DISTRICT. We are ALL going to Colorado SPrings, so that's really cool. 

Life here is pretty crazy. Wake up at 5:45, shower, get ready, eat, have class for 3 hours, do activities, have lunch, have class again. It's constantly moving, but I think that is for the best, otherwise we would all break down I think. Hahaha

It's crazy how the spirit can enter into your life with such power. The spirit will help us, the more we invite him in. And I've felt that. I've felt my heart turn for the better towards certain things/people as I draw myself closer to our Savior and allow the spirit in.