Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 26, 2013

Hey everyone :)

So, lets just start out with a quote by Neil L Anderson from his talk, Trial of your faith.

"With faith comes trials of faith bringing increased faith."

One of my favorite quotes ever and I feel like that describes Parker. THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING.

So as we all know, Parker has been rough. I mean even member after member will come up to us and say, "how are you doing? This area is so hard, are you discouraged?" Of course we are discouraged, but we try not to dwell on it. I have been praying so hard for focus, success, love, and the work to go forward here. I put my faith in the Lord when I got here and it's just been trial after trial! Well, this week my faith was finally strengthened from my trials.

So we have been really pushing member missionary work, and it's been kind of rough. Everyone has had to change their way of thinking because not a lot of members do missionary work here. So we were eating dinner at the Elders Quorum house and we asked them for referrals. They said that their neighbor across the street needed some love. So in our mission we have stopped the "tracting" approach and do "prayer" approach. We knock doors and offer blessings on homes as representative of Jesus Christ. We say it takes 5 minutes of their time and we won't stay any longer. Who doesn't have 5 minutes? EVERYONE does. So it's pretty effective. We then ask what they want blessed and if they know anyone who needs a blessing. Then we kneel together. After the prayer which we offer as Sisters by virtue of our calling, we ask how they feel. If they feel the spirit, they are open and we invite them to learn more. If they don't feel anything, we know it's not their time. So anyways, we knocked their door the next day and she answered. We offered a blessing on her home and she said she would love it but she would love for her husband to be there. She said to come back the next day. When we went back, her husband was running late from work and wasn't home. She invited us in and cried to us about how she wants to change. We testified to her and asked if we could come back the next day. So Saturday night we went back and her husband was there :) He was SO nice and invited us in. We had an AMAZING discussion with them and taught a first lesson. The spirit was so strong. We invited them to baptism and they said they wanted to pray about it. They are so excited to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it's true. They have an amazing desire to grow. It was so amazing!!!! I haven't had a lesson like that in so long. I left their house full of gratitude. But before we left we gave a blessing on the home. We asked what blessings they needed and I offered up the prayer. I felt the spirit so strong. I blessed that Trina would know who she was, a daughter of God, with divinity in her. I blessed that Michael would turn to the Lord in all things and as he did so, he would be able to help his wife. I was crying at the end of the prayer. As I opened my eyes, Michael was glowing. His countenance has changed. We have an appt with them tomorrow and I can't wait. :)
So that is 2 new investigators.

Then last night we went to see ------- I have talked about her a lot before. She is not a member, but all her family is(kids, husband). She comes weekly and even went to girls camp. She is so scared to take the lessons because she doesn't want to take them and feel it isn't true and disappoint everyone. Well a couple weeks ago I left her an invitation to prayerfully seek out taking the lessons(she has been asked my many missionaries and has yet to really take them as far as I know). Last night we had an appt. with her. We really studied hard before going over on how we could help her say yes. We got to her house and I said we were there to follow up on her prayer. She laughed and said she loved how honest I was...she paused and said, "I'll take them." Oh my GOSH! I about died. I didn't even have to try to convince her. Her husbands mouth dropped because she hadn't told him. Oh my gosh. It was amazing. We talked then about her fears, how she could really know it's true and just it was amazing. She was crying and I just know she will be baptized SOON. :) She is ready. What a miracle. We told some of the ward council and everyone is SO excited. This has been a long time coming. So excited I get to teach her. 
Another investigator. Three total this week!!! :) YAY! The Lord has truly blessed us for trying so hard to do all we can. It's amazing. I feel so blessed. I'm so excited I get to finish my mission this way.

WHat else this week? We had a relief society activity and ------- came :) She met some women in the ward which was great. Our relief society president is really reaching out to her. I also went to the Temple this week :) The new video is amazing and I loved it. It made me think a lot more and understand things more fully.

Also, one more cool story. It was pouring rain and a huge storm. We had 15 minutes in between appointments and I didn't want to waste the time. We prayed how we could fill our time. Sister Hauet said we should visit some less actives. I felt we should go see -------. We showed up and she let us in because it was pouring rain. We got to talk to her and her fiance and they are letting us come back :) She was so willing to have us back in her home. Hopefully we get to teach them, too.

So, that was my week. I feel just on top of the world right now. I'm so happy that success is finally coming. I'm finding a true love for so many people here in Parker.

I'm grateful for the church. I know I needed to come on a mission to overcome so much of my past and develop into who the Lord wants me to be. I'm grateful I'm changed. LOVE YOU ALL :)

-Sister Baker