Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 27, 2012

how are you all? hope so good! :)
well.. the girl i'm training is named sister horrocks. she is super cute. We get along great.. and she is an AWESOME teacher already.. so that's is good. 
Training is hard. I feel indadequate about a lot of things and I hope I'm giving her the experience she needs. I'm excited for the rest of training though. I can already see myself learning a ton in just the last couple of days. :)
WILLIE GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY :) oh my gosh. best baptism of my life. HE LOOKED SO GOOD. He was glowing. We had a HUGE turn out of poeple too, people are finally loving us!!!! And loving our investigators. We are making a difference in the ward as sister missionaries and that right there means so much to me. . The spirit was SOOOO strong at his baptism. The talks were amazing. Lately, we started having talks at baptisms on temples, too. It's great to get new members excited for the temple. It's awesome. I gave the missionary moment I cried the whole time that I was talking because I'm so proud of Willie. He has made an amazing cahnge in his life' and I spoke about his change and how the gospel changes us. It was great. I got compliments on how I spoke. I'm getting better at sharing the gospel and I love it.  I love being a missionary for days like yesterday. Words can't describe how good it felt at the baptism.
Well.. not much went on the rest of the week. Transfer meeting was long. 18 new missionaries came into the field.
Sis Mack is home! She wants to come see you guys. I think she might be in Utah for conference. she asked for your info. I'll send it to her today :) I miss her dearly. 
Oh, it's been cool to see already why Sis Horrocks is here. She is already touching people who I have been working with for five months. The Lord works in such great ways. He truly knows us.
-sis bake
have a good week