Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 13, 2012

Hello fam :)

How are you all? Hope so great :)

Monday, for p-day, we just went shopping. It was fun. We went to hobby lobby and got stuff to make hair pieces for my new short hair! I really love my new hair. It's soo nice and easy to do. It'll be fun for awhile. I'll probably grow it back out, though. Everyone here loves it! I get compliments on it all the time.
Then Tuesday we got to teach at the R.S. activity that night. We taught about object lessons with scripture study and I told everyoen about the scripture bag game we played when I was younger. Everyone liked the idea :) So that was fun to do. Then we drove up to Springs because Wednesday I had to go to the Train the Trainers meeting... AHhh. It was fun to be in Springs.. we stayed with Mack and Sis. Folwell. Mack and I stayed up late talking. She is so great! I'm so grateful to now have her as one of my best friends. It was just so good to see her for a while! I'm sad she is going home.. cause she is my rock out here, but hopefully I can be best friends with the girl I train and that I can be a rock for her as mack was for me.
Wednesday, as I said, I went to that meeting. Sis folwell and I drove to it since we are both training and Mack and Sis brady went out together .The meeting was SO long.. But good. I'm scared but excited to train. After the meeting we came back up to Pueblo and I got a blessing since I have really been struggling with the fact that I may be training and what not. I felt so much better after the blessing. Missions are hard .You get so used to areas, and people and then when things change, it's hard. But I guess it is what a mission is all about!
Thursday we met with----- :) The motorcycle man! HE IS AWESOME! I love him so stinkin much! Haha. He will be one of my fav converts haha. Then I felt sick like all day.... so we slept for some time :/ It was a bummer. I hate feeling sick out here because then I feel so bad cause I'm not acomplishing my purpose.. but sleeping was much needed. I had body aches and everything.. it sucked!
Friday, we had another kind of zone conference thing. Then we went to dinner.
Saturday.. We met with ----- again. Satan is hitting him hardcore. He said he wanted to hold off on his baptism. We talked to him about the gospel and what the Holy Ghost does for us. By the end of our lesson he couldn't wait to be baptized again :) So exciting. he is going to be a great member of the church. 
Sunday... exciting news on sunday... -------  CAME TO CHURCH :) And he LOVED it!!! Everyoen was so nice to him and he is excited to become a member :) I'm so happy to have found him!  
The coolest thing about being on a mission is I'm learning to control my emotions. It's so great. I understand how to turn to the Lord now when I'm upset. I love seeing myself change. I'm still me... just a refined me. It's awesome. A mission is hard... but I'm so grateful and happy to be out here. Seriously.. I know I needed to come here. It's changing my life.
So that's the basics of this week. Love you all so much :)
-Sister Baker