Monday, February 11, 2013

Feb 11, 2013

So, this week was SOOOOOOO good. Oh My Gosh. Seriously. So good. Dangit, I forgot my planner, so lets hope I can remember everything haha.
Monday, as you know was pday and I found out I would be staying and getting a new comp. Tuesday, we spent saying goodbye to a lot of people and then Sister T packed up. Wednesday, we woke up, packed up the car, and went to transfer meeting. 21 new missionaries came to our mission, with 7 of them being sisters. AMAZING. The meeting was really long due to the amount of missionaries, but it was fun to see so many missionaries that I have served around. Then after the meeting, Sister Kartchner and I left and went back to our place.
Sister K is from Maryland. Well, she grew up in Utah, and moved to the East when she was 14. She has been out 1 transfer longer than me, so she is about to hit her year mark. She is seriously like my favorite companion thus far, and we have only been together for not even a week. I LOVE HER! We are so much alike, yet so different that it just works. She is so cool, and such a good missionary. She has a strong desire to be obedient and to work hard, just like I do, so we compliment each other well! Wednesday night I took her to meet the Arnolds because they are my favorite family and then we had correlation meeting so she got to meet the ward mission leader in Gleneagle ward. Wednesday night we stayed up talking for a little bit about how we both have felt that we were going to serve with each other since we met earlier in our missions. We know that we will only be together for this transfer because we are both training this upcoming transfer from what president has told us and so we talked about the work we have to do here. We both feel like so many miracles are on there way to us. We are excited to see the work move forward. Even Brother Sherwood, the member we live with, said that we are the dream companionship and that so much work will be done!
Thursday, we met with the ------. They are getting baptized March 2 at 630. I can't wait :) They are the cutest. Sister K already loves them! So it's just great! Then we had a lesson with ---- that night. AND OUR LESSON WENT SO WELL!  We watched the restoration with him, and talked about how before Joseph Smith prayed he experienced opposition.  I also talked about obedience. And that's what this is really about(thanks mom;)) So overall, great lesson.  The Lord is truly working through us.
We also went to the soup kitchen Thursday and it was so much fun! It was crazy... we got hit on a lot.. but it was fun! 

Friday was zone meeting and my new zone is awesome. We now have 6 sisters in my zone!!! How cool :) And my new zl's are SO cool. I'm just so excited about this transfer. After, Sister K and I called Sister Anderson, Presidents wife. And we went and saw her. She showed us all the new sisters, and told us how 7 are coming this next transfer and that she thinks a couple of the sisters who are available to train want train. We only have 8 sisters right now that could train. So she said some sisters who train will maybe train 2 people at once!!!! OH my gosh. Scary hahah.
Saturday we got up and a member had us over for breakffast.. then we went to the ------ and helped sister ------- out with the kids because she is pregnant and feeling sick! Then we had our sister missionary class which went so well!
The work is already moving forward with Sister K and I. And... I'm feeling so MUCH better. I feel like I have a sinus cold right now.. but that's nothing. I don't know what Sister T and I had to learn from each other from me being sick.. But I do know that things are getting better and I'm so excited about it. I feel good, I love the gospel, and I'm just happy. :)
Church yesterday was great! We were asked to share our testimonies in sacrament so that was fun to do!
OH man.... you guys have to watch this video on youtube. It's olympus highschool in utah... 80 kids have recieved mission calls. It's so touching. WATCH IT :)
Well, that is the updates.
I love you all :)
-Sister Baker