Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dec 3 2012

Hello family :)
How are you all? I hope great! Sounds like everyones week was good.
So this week was pretty good! We did a lot of service and I felt like I had a really successful week. I have been exhausted all week... So I must be doing something right, right? hahah.
So get this........ ----- SAID HE WOULD BE BAPTIZED. How cool is that?!! He has been learning for like 4 months now and his wife, like I said, is a member. He hasn't wanted to commit to anything. But Thursday, we went and taught him. We originally planned to teach Plan of Salvation. BUT.. We changed it halfway through the day and decided we should talk on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been praying really hard to know how to help him because I felt like I got transferred here to help him. Well, I had left him a talk last week to read.. The one by Elder Holland on the Book of Mormon and he told me that he loved the talk and gave me kudos for giving it to him. He said he wished the Sisters would of shown him the talk sooner. He said he almost cried because he felt the spirit so strong. Then we told him that we wanted to go over the pamphlet on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we opened it up, he said, "can we just go over one principle in this pamphlet? I want to talk about BAPTISM" WOOOOT! We were so happy. We started to talk about it and then he asked why his infant baptism didn't count. We then read Moroni 8 with him and he loved it. He said it made sense. Then he asked what all he needed to do to be baptized!!!! We told him we had like 3 more commandments to teach and that was all he needed before baptism. He said to teach him the rest and he would be baptized. He said he can't see himself going any other path now. I just sat there smiling. He asked me why I was smiling so big and I just proceeded to tell him how happy I am for him! Gosh, the spirit was so strong. Best thing ever knowing that you were supposed to teach someone and that they are going to get baptized. AWESOME! I love it. So we are excited for him. He should be baptized in a couple of weeks! :)
Then, a member in Northgate ward  referred a lady to us. She is about 70 and recently lost 3 important people to her. We taught her on Thursday as well and we taught the Plan of Salvation. She really enjoyed it and said she loved the part about the Spirit World. I told her that her family is hearing the same thing that we were teaching her right then. She liked the thought of that. :) So hopefully we see success with her.
This weekend we had the Creche activity at the church. There were hundreds of nativities set up and they also set up a live nativity outside of the church. Multiple singing groups came and performed and it was just awesome. I wish our stake did this activity. Almost everyone I met that came were not members. Fri and Sat night we were there from 5-9. We met a lot of people and got to enjoy the holiday spirit and show people around. The live nativity was amazing. Live animals and all. Then a slideshow after the performance. It was put together so well. While tracting the last couple of weeks we passed out a lot of flyers for it. We met a guy who went to New Life and wasn't interested but took a flyer. Well.. he totally showed up with his wife and even brought canned goods and stayed for awhile. We got to sit with him during the live nativity and I just pray they felt the spirit and come back. it was cool to see so many people from all over attend. 
This week we also set up the Christmas tree at the mission home with some other sisters. It was really fun to decorate a tree!
We also went to the cannery this week with our bishops wife and she brought 7 non-members!!!! It was so fun! Some of the people who went to the cannery also came to the Creche. Success! We got to talk a little about the church to some of them! The cannery was fun.. made me want to do food storage haha.
So that was pretty much the week! :)
Also, yesterday at church, we got to sit through two fast and testimony meetings which was awesome. First ward we went to they sang silent night and in the second ward I felt very prompted to bare my testimony on the song. When I went up I talked about how I love that the lyrics in the song say, "Silent Night, holy night, all is calm all is bright." I got to thinking about the glorious moment when the Savior was born and the true calmness that must of been there. At the Creche, watching it live... it was so peaceful and calm. Then I talked about being on my mission and how my relationship with the Savior has grown and it is making my life calm and bright. I testified that allowing the Savior in truly allows us to feel the beauty of who he is and the comfort he brings. I hope I helped somone because my heart was pounding like crazy hahah.
The Christmas Devotional was so good. I loved Pres. Uchtdorfs talk. It was great!
Anywho, that was my week.
Pretty sure we have somewhere for Christmas and Christmas Eve!

Have a good week. Thanks for the letters.
-Sister Bake