Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hi family :)

So, this infamous transfer happens tomorrow and I am no longer with Mack ): ): ): my heart is broken. Seriously. She is so great. We had a great companionship and I'm sad to see her leave me. I'm VERY happy to be staying in Pueblo though. My new companion is Sister Brady.  I'm nervous but the Lord knows what is right, right?! I have to keep telling myself that cause I am super scared. I can't believe I am done training and now getting a new comp and everything. I guess it's exciting to have changes, but scary as well.
We found out on Sunday morning that Mack and I were probably both getting transfered. Mack and I didn't really feel like we had done a whole lot of good here, but man, when we told people we were probably leaving.... people were devestated. Sister Mead (RS pres) started crying in sacrament and said we were the first missionaries she has loved in a long time. Her 9 year old niece, Savanah, is with her all the time and Savanah was soo sad. Less actives were so sad when we said goodbye. Sonja, a less active, started to just cry. So many people said how great mack and i are together and how dearly we would be missed. It felt good to know we made a difference, especially in the ward. Sister Mead had us over for dinner last nigth with the RS presidency and savanah was there as well. Savanah just bawled and hugged us goodbye. Sister mead started to cry and said, "that's when you know you've made a difference, when a nine year old is impacted" It felt so great to be loved!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad I'm staying because this ward needs some stability with the missionaries. I feel like we are starting to make progress with so many people and it feels wonderful. So many of these woman are my moms our here since I don't have you mom. It's just nice to have people to turn too. I can't wait to continue to see success here in Pueblo. I feel like I will serve in Pueblo for a lot of my mission.
Well, this week, not too much happened. The main events were the 4th of July, and Amandas Baptism!!!!!!!! AHHHH :)
Due to the fires, no one could do fireworks and just no one even celebrated! sad day. Hahah. Mack was sick for a whole day and I thought I was going to go INSANE. She slept or was in the bathroom all day and I HAD NOTHING TO DO. I did some crafts, organized things, called some people.... sat there.... sat there some more. Wow. I don't know how missionaries just sit around and do nothing... I was going insane.
Then Amanda Coatney's baptism was on Sunday. OH MY GOSH what a great experience. I've had 4 people I've taught here get baptized. HOW COOL IS THAT?! Amanda was so prepared for us. She seriously udnerstands the gospel so well. Her baptism was amazing .SO many non members came...and the spirit was so present. When she was baptized, it was so calm and peaceful in the room.. so amazing. She asked me to speak at her baptism and it was so great to speak at it! I love her so much. She loves the gospel. She recongizes the spirit, and see's the blessings already. After her baptism she thanked us and said she couldn't be there without us. We said it was all her who got her there and that she was so prepared. She said, you shared with the message that I love and needed.
I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Days are hard, but the feelings of success and love are insane. It's great :)
Also, we went as a district to Bishops castle.. you got the pic of me there. It was so fun. Brittany whatley drove us up and we had an absolute blast! Elder rios went home this week, so it was like our goodbye to him going there. It was fun to pass by the Hamlers. I of course couldn't stop and say hi, but it was cool to drive through Rye :)
The weather has been better here. Not so hot. It's been cloudy and rainy.
Well, that's about it for my week. I love you guys so much!! I miss you and pray for you everyday.
Thank you for everything you all do for me. You all mean the world to me. Seriously.
Have a great week. Pray that I don't kill sister brady :) hahaha.
-Sister Baker

Mack, Brittany Whatley, and me :)

Me with Elder Rios.

Mack and I with Amanda before she is baptized.

Amanda after her Baptism :) 

RS presidency and Savanah :)