Monday, July 16, 2012

Hi family! How are you? :)
Sooooo....... This week has been so hard. ): I'm trying to stay positive, but I just want to break down every two seconds. It has been super rough.
I got a new district leader, and he is so awesome. He has been in my district my whole mission thus far, and has become one of my best friends. He gave me a blessing on Thursday because I couldn't stop crying becasue of how hard this change has been on me. The blessing was truly amazing. I was given so much strength and courage from it. In the blessing he told me to study the scriptures tirelessly. I've been trying to do so, and been trying to take a lot from my studies. SOmething I've been sharing in homes lately is 3Nephi 17. It talks about Jesus Christ healing the multitude. In the verses it states that He WILL heal us, not might heal us. It talks about how the multitudes faith is sufficient and so he can heal them. I love that the multitude just needed faith and in return Christ promised he WOULD heal them, and not just some of them, all of them. Then a couple verses later it says how the mulititude is crying. I thought to myself that when we act upon our faith, Christ heals us, and in return we become more Christlike. The multitude now has compassion and comfort and so many things that each one of us needs to have. It was a great chapter. It taught me about the relationship I not only need to have with my Father but with my Savior, too. I love the scriptures.
It was cool to see how my blessing has really given me a lot more courage. 2 more sisters are coming into the mission next transfer and only 4 of us could train. So, maybe I'll train in pueblo. In my blessing it stated that these next 6 weeks will be the happiest 6 weeks ever according to my faith and that times are hard but they are unlocking potential that previously couldn't be accessed. What a great blessing. I keep trying to look at the positives, but it's hard. It's a big change from me and Mack who had SOOOO much fun together. We worked so well together. I miss her.
Today, we are going up to Springs to Garden of the Gods. Amanda, my convert is going with us and so are some elders and we are meeting up with Mack and S. folwell. SHould be fun.
Transfers meeting was fun, got to see a lot of missionaries that I already love so much!! It was hard to say goodbye to Mack. I just cried and cried. She was exaclty who I needed to be with and she taught me so much. I pray I can learn from S. Brady as well.
Not much happened this week considering all the changes and such. Friday though, we went to the Hawkins for Pizza friday and it was so fun! They have a big family and their home feels like home. They have so much love in the home and they remind me of all of you, so it's good to go there every once in awhile to hang out. Also, I had a cool experience firday. We got a referral and when we stopped by she wasn't home. I felt we should tract the street. We did a couple houses and I just felt like we needed to find someone of the street. The last house we knocked was a girl named Jessica. She was so cute and we just talked for a moment and she accepted to be baptized. We had an appointment with her yesterday and she wasn't home, which was a bummer. But I know that whatever the reason, she was the person we needed to talk to. I love experiences like that.
Saturday, we did service at this lady's house.  Then we were able to see a inactive family. They haven't been out in years, but they let us in and we talked with them for awhile. They said we could keep coming back. They have 4 kids I think that could be baptized. I think this might be the time to reactivate them and get their kids to become members. It woudl be awesome to see that happen!! I felt accomplished after being allowed in their home and welcomed to come back haha. yesterday was a rough day. We had church and then not much else to do.
That's my week. I hope this one is better. I love you all so much. I cried with all the letters this week that you guys sent because I'm just struggling and I love getting to hear from you. .
Hope you havea good week. Miss you!!!
-Sister Baker