Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello familia :)
How are you all?

This week has been crazy. A lot has gone on! It's so crazy how fast weeks are over on a mission and then you can't even remember what happened in the week. haha. Wow. I can't believe I've been out for 4 months on Saturday. Can you believe that?! I'm almost a fourth done with my mission..... Crazy.

So Monday, we went to Garden of the Gods. It was fun! It's like zions national park. It's super pretty. We had a whole slew of us go up. We ended up only being able to walk around for like a half hour because we had to go pick Mack up and she was pretty far out of the way. Even though we weren't there long, it was a fun P day. :) It's fun to get out of Pueblo for a bit. Hahah.

Tuesday, I got surgery on my toes ): You know how I have always had ingrown toenails? Well, they got bad out here. My Bishop is a podiatrist or whatever and so he did the "surgery" for free. So nice of him. It was the most painful thing I have ever gone through. They had to put 2 needles each in my toes because the first needles didn't numb it enough. The needle felt like it was going all the way through my toe and I could feel the fluids going through my toe. My big toes were the size of a fist. So gross. Then he cut out both sides on each big toe. One side, the nail had grown like 1/4 an inch into the skin. SO NASTY. I've been in pain all week and been having to wear sandals. My toes got infected and I've been on medication. They seem to be getting better now. Hopefully they heal in the next few days. It was a rough surgery but I think once they heal it will be great!
Also on Tuesday, we had interviews. It was good to talk to President. He gave me soem great advice on how to make the transfer better. I cried to him a lot, because I've been struggling, but things this week were actually A LOT better.

Wednesday, we did lots of planning, some service, and then taught a less active sister and her boyfriend who isn't a member. The lesson was SUPER spiritual, but I failed on truly commiting him to baptism. There was a lot of people at the lesson, and for some reason it felt kind of uncomfortable asking him to be baptized.  We did a fast yesterday for his heart to be softened. Hopefully we can teach him again, and recommit him. I love teaching about the restoration. It's so amazing.

Thursday, we did some service for someone else in the ward. We did lots of painting. My toes were hurting a ton, and that is when I found out they were infected and had to go back to the doctors. So it wasn't that eventful of a day. We then went to Amandas and we watched the video, prophet of the restoration. That video is so amazing. Amanda really liked it! Her brothers girlfriend, who isn't a member, sat in. Hopefully she felt the spirit and will have a desire to learn.
Friday, we had district meeting. It was soooo good. I have my district leader the chapter that you gave me dad, the bold and testifying missionary. What book is that from? .. Anyways, the whole meeting was on how to be better testifying missionaries. He let me talk about the chapter since I was the one who gave it to him. It was awesome! My district leader, Elder Ellsworth says to thank you dad for the chapter, because he loves it so much! He copied it and everyone in our district got a copy and was challenged to read it to become better missionaries. Sister Brady and I were struggling this week finding people, but after the district meeting on being more bold, Sis Brady and I found 5 new investigators. 3 on friday and 2 on saturday! Amazing!! We have been taking a different approach when meeting people, and it's working. I love getting excited to go out and tract. That's what it's all about! I'm so excited to be a bold and testifying missionary this week and fulfill my purpose! Then on  

Friday night we went to the Hawkins for dinner. It was so fun. They have friday night pizza night and their WHOLE family comes. We ate, had smores, and played some games. It was fun to feel part of a family. We played a game with them and Sis Brady and I schooled everyone :)

Saturday, we attended a baptism and I gave the missionary moment again. I felt the spirit so strong during it. What was cool was, the girl who was getting baptized(her name is amber) she had heard me give the missionary moment before and she asked me specifically to do it because she said last time I was just a light when I gave it and she felt the spirit so strong. It was awesome to know I affected someone like that. There was a lot of non member at the baptism and it was cool to see so many of them pay attention to what I had to say and the spirit that comes with testifying of Joseph Smith. Man, I love being a missionary. It's so great to see myself grow!!!!

Sunday, we didn't do much. I rested for a bit cause I've been so tired walking around all week, and my feet have been killing me. We taught a couple lessons and that was about it. A former investigator that I told you about, he came to church yesterday!! SO cool. Hopefully he keeps coming.

Sis Brady adn I have been getting along a lot better this week.  I think we are really learning from each other. 

Love you ALL :) Hope your week went well! :)
-Sister Bake