Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hello Fam:)

Hope your week was well! I enjoyed all of your letters and love coming and hearing from you every week! It's the best! I miss you all so very much and love you guys.
My week was a little bit crazy. It was so hot outside all week. It was about 106 most of the week which resulted in not much finding because the heat was so intense that we could hardly stand to be in it. I have been so tired from the heat. I'm kind of at a loss for what to do. President Anderson told us to not feel bad if we don't accomplish a ton every day because the he understands that the heat is so tiring. It's hard. Mack and I have been trying to find drinks with a lot of electrolytes to help us out!

So, not a whole lot happened this week. We did a lot of service for a couple in our ward. They have no AC and no swamp cooler so I was sweating up a storm pretty much all week. But it was fun to help them out. They are a struggling couple.. They are recent converts and have gone through a lot in life. I enjoy helping them because I know they truly need the help. Wednesday, we got to go to the TEMPLE!! :)  I needed the Temple. I love going to the Temple and I can't wait to go home and be able to go all the time and understand it better. 

Friday was the BBQ!!!!! It went so goood :) Better than I could of hoped for. We had about 90 people come. So that was amazing. We had some non members come and a few less active members show up. A few ladies in the ward really pulled through for us and helped with the food and helped keep things in order. So we had the bbq, and we have a lot of old ladies in our ward. Well, our bbq was outside and we had the tables and chairs in the grass... right where all the old people were, the sprinklers went off when we were eating. SO FUNNY!!!! They couldn't move fast and got wet. It made for a good time. After we ate, we had everyone come into the gym and we taught L1. We also showed a clip of the Restoration video when Joseph Smith offers up his prayer and has the first vision. It was SO spiritual. We were so nervous to teach everyone but it was so good. Mack and I were both crying as we bore testimony after the video clip was over. I love sharing the first vision. It's so spiritual. People in our ward were crying to and I know we were able to touch people who needed the spirit that day. After, we had a table full of Book of Mormons, pamphlets, and pass along cards. We challenged everyone to take a Book of Mormon, write their testimony in it, and hand it out to someone who needs the message and then to refer someone to us that we could teach. We didn't get many referrals yet, but we passed out a whole box of Book of Mormons and most of our pamphlets and pass along cards were taken. How amazing. I can't wait to see the results from people in our ward sharing the Gospel. We then had ice cream and mingled as a ward. It was awesome :) I'm really glad we did the activity. I'm glad it's over cause it was stressful.
Saturday, we went bowling with the YSA's in the area. It was so much fun. We did bowling backwards, blindfolded, laying down, wearing glasses with one eye blacked out, adn so on. It was good to get to know the people our age here, and to make friendships with them in hopes to get some referrals! The ward is really starting to appreciate us and trust us I think. Our activity really helped with that.
This week in district meeting we talked about the importance of the sacrament and preparing ourselves to partake of it. Sundays as a missionary are stressful, but yesterday I tried to prepare myself for the Sacrament and it meant so much more. I loved it.
So funny, this guy named Brother Blackhurst in our bishopric reminds me exactly of Dad. He is dad to a T. He is bald, acts 12, and has the best sense of humor. I love the guy. He is like 35 and was just put in the bishopric. Anyways, he loves missionaries. ( again, like dad)  I'm really starting to love the ward, and the people in it.
Yesterday, we went to Sister Meads, The Relief society president, for lunch adn to talk about the ward. She is so nice to us and treats us like her daughters. It's nice to have people take care of me out here!
Last night there was a baptism in the other ward and I had to give the missionary moment. An investigator came up to me afterwards and told me I was glowing up there when I spoke and that it was beautiful. How sweet of her. I love hearing compliments like that. I love being a missionary. Having the activity Friday really made me just love what I'm out here doing.
I love you all. thank you for your support. I miss you all so much and can't thank you all enough for being the loving family that you are.
I know the Gospel is true. I love my Savior and Heavenly Father so much. I love being here.
Miss you.
Love you.
-Sister Baker :)