Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oct 22,2012

Hello familia :)
How are you all? I hope so great! :)
WOW.. This week was rough days.... Sis H got sick with my throw up sickness this week. And I had a cold all week.  But.. I do feel a lot better! I can't believe how sick I always am. It's probably because I'm so stressed out all of the time. But I guess it might just be the trial of my mission and I just get over it and move on.
For P-day.. there is a HUGE mural down by the river here. I kept singing "down by the river..."We took pictures down where all the artwork is. It was fun. The mural goes for sooo long. People just have drawn tons of stuff all over the place. It's like a huge graffiti wall. Pretty cool. So we had fun walking down there and talking about crazy missionary life hah.
Then Tuesday was interviews. They were really good. I had a good interview with President Anderson and then a good Interview with Sister Anderson.After interviews I have a deeper appreciation for them. President and I talked about training and how it's been going. I told him that I struggle sometimes with the aspect of perfection but that I truly loved Elder Uchtdorfs talk on happiness. We talked about how satan makes us feel discouraged and upset when we aren't perfect..and Heavenly Father just wants us to be our best. Perfection comes in the next life. It was really good to talk to him about it. We also talked about Willie and I started to cry because I'm just so happy that I got to teach Willie. President and I were both getting teary eyed talking about finding people we were meant to find on our missions. It was good. I'm grateful for him. We also have workshops on interview days and sis H was throwing up... she threw up like 5 times while at interviews sooo.. we left early and were in until Friday :( It was soooo aweful. I tell ya... missions are so hard and you are tired all the time.. and you just wish that you could stay in for a day and sleep... but then when you get to stay in.. it sucks. We were so dang bored. But so sick. Our district leader even asked us not to come to district meeting because he didn't want us to get others sick. I guess tons of people in our mission have been sick with the throw ups too. But like I said before.. staying in is hard.. but it's fun to get to know Sis H better. We played scrabble, phase 10, and life over and over again and just laughed as we layed there dying together. Toi took care of us too. She brought us dinner two nights and came and visited us haha. I love her so!
Friday we went out for a little bit. We saw ------- and I love her so much. I think I told you, but we had her write down 50 things that she loved about herself. She had a hard time doing it.. but finally got like 47 things or something like that. It was cool to read her list and see the talents that she has. She is awesome. I'm so excited to see her continue to progress. Hopefully we can get her to the temple again. We did some tracting too. So that was good. Then we went to the ------- and we had a birthday party celebration there too. We had cupcakes and everyone sang to me.. it was fun :) I love that family.
We went to the adult session of stake conference and it was really good! I sat with the Hamlers :) So that was fun. Then a guy named Constantine in my ward had us and the Elders over for another birthday party at his house. He bbq'd and had cake and ice cream. It was fun! I'm so grateful for all the people who celebrated my birthday with me!
Yesterday was regional stake conference.. did you guys have the same thing? It was pretty good. They talked about how we shouldn't be "usual". We need to be different as members of the church! Before stake conference.. there was a "new member meeting." The boyds and willie came. They all bore testimony and it was awesome :) Terrance.. who is 11.. got up and started to cry and said that Sis H and I were like his sisters. How dang cute. He is the sweetest kid. I love seeing the gospel change lives and feeling so much love for the people I get to teach.
Then we went to Toi's. You guys saw the pics :) It was a good day. I was so sad I didn't get to have you here for my bday... BUT..I'm so grateful I have Toi.. She made me feel right at home. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GIFTS :) :) :) I loved them!!!!!!!
I miss you all so much. Love you all :)
-Sister Baker