Monday, May 21, 2012

It's been a while since I posted, but here's the latest....

Hi family!

My week was kind of crazy! I have been so tired lately. I can't even handle it. Sister Mack and I talked to our mission president about ways to make us feel better and they said that we are probably dehydrated and that we need to make sure our bodies are getting enough iron. It's super hot here in pueblo and my allergies are insane! But luckily we have a car so i'm trying to make the best of it. Mack and I had to take a couple naps this week because we honestly couldn't press on. It was hard to even walk. I don't feel like I do much walking out here, but being a missionary is such hard work. It literally drains you. Being filled with the spirit is tiring stuff!

So as of now.. We don't really have any investigators besides -----. She is the one who came to church. THe other night we taught her the word of wisdom lesson and it went okay. I took her cigs and taped them up and then wrote on them "Pray, and call the sisters" haha. That way every time she wanted a cig she would pray. During our lesson I was bearing testimony and she just looked at me and goes.. " You are just such a beautiful person" I love that she always says stuff like that to me because I know she truly feels the spirit when I speak to her. Hopefully we can get her crazy self baptized one of these days. haha.

This weekend we did service on Saturday, like all day. It was nice to go help out in people's yards.  It's hard for me to have charity, but after I do charity I feel a lot more love for the people.

SO GUESS WHAT. I colored my hair today and cut it. I have blonder hair with STRAIGHT ACROSS BANGS. Crazy. I really like it though. It's cute. A lady in the ward does our hair for free. :) It's great.

Well, that's all the updates. I know this Gospel is true and that going to church strengthens our testimony and helps achieve our ultimate goal of having eternal life with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The atonement is real. I can't believe that Christ suffered the way he did for us. I can't imagine his joy everytime one of us gets on our knees and uses the gift that he gave us of being able to repent. I love being a missionary. I love it out here. I love you all. :)

Have a good week!

Sister Baker

P.S. P-day last week.. We played basketball at the slabs and sister mackenzie got the grossest blister on her foot. I had to take care of her. It was the size of 2 quarters. I almost died. We played at the slabs with the Elders and some guys that were there played with us too. P-day is fun getting together with our district and playing sports!

Miss and love you guys.