Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello Everyone :)

How are you all?! I hope so good. Today, I'm in a super good mood. This past week was kind of rough. Sister Mack and I weren't getting along all that well, and emotions were running high. We are pretty good at talking out our feelings to each other, so it wasn't like we were mad at each other, we just both had a lot on our mind. Saturday night, her and I were talking and I purposed that we fasted together on Sunday. We fasted for 3 things:

1- To have more energy, to be motivated, and to be amazing missionaries. (I guess that was three in number one, but I just count it as one :))
2- For the Boyd's daughter Aspen, because she is kind of investigating the church.
3- For one of our new investigators, Ingred.

I've never really had a testimony of fasting, but I just felt like it was something we should do. Sunday was the longest day. I was starving, but I knew I needed to sacrifice in order to gain answers to my fast, and to also gain a testimony of fasting. When I broke my fast I prayed to really gain a testimony of fasting and to have my fast/prayers answered. Heavenly Father truly works miracles. Monday morning I woke up so refreshed and ready for the day. Sister Mack and I had an amazing day yesterday, and we worked really well together. I was so happy that my prayers were answered. I'm grateful for the testimony that I have and that my faith can continue to be strengthened. Mack and I are getting along fine now! I really do love her. Living with someone is hard work! Haha.

So this week, some great things happened beyond the fatigue that I was feeling. Saturday, the Boyd's went to the TEMPLE!!!! And we got to go with them! Terrance couldn't go though since he is only 11, but Robin and Ruby went and did baptisms. Sister Mack and I didn't do baptisms, but we did confirmations and just soaked up the spirit that you can feel in the Temple. It was amazing to see them at the Temple. Crazy that they were just baptized and now already at the Temple. They LOVED doing baptisms. After they were baptized they came and sat down by us waiting to do confirmations. Ruby started to cry and said something along the lines that she was so happy to save souls. Amazing how much they already love the work. Ruby also said to us that the church is so amazing because she has been marries to Robin for 30+ years and she could of never expected to see a huge, wonderful change in him after so long. She said the church has changed him and her home for the better. Awesome right?! We had a Recent Convert Fireside on Sunday and they spoke at it. Their testimonies are amazing. Terrance is someone who I want to have a testimony like. He is 11 years old, with the strongest testimony. When he got up and bore his testimony he said that he has attended a lot of churches with his family but none were like the LDS church. He started to cry and said that at this church he actually has friends, something he hasn't really had before. He looked at Mack and I and said that ever since he met us, he has been happy. And then he just started to weep. I love that kid. His testimony is simple and pure. He knows that the church is so true. Best feeling ever hearing them bear their testimonies and include us in them.

Also, at the Recent Convert Fireside, a new convert named Brittany bore her testimony. she is soooo awesome! She is 18 years old, and has made huge changes in her life. Her parents don't like the fact that she is baptized. Her testimony was amazing and she spoke about the fact that she wished her parents would be more supportive becasue she is so happy. Brittany comes out with Mack and I every p-day because she has lost a lot of friends from being baptized and what friends she did keep, she has been bringing into the church. She brought her 17 year old brother Frank to the Fireside. After the fireside Mack and I went up to Frank and asked how he felt. He said the church is a lot different than he expected and that he felt "warm" I told him that that was the spirit telling him it was true and we invited him to learn more. Last night, we had a lesson with him. The lesson started out a little bit rough. Brittany and her boyfriend, who was also just baptized were there for the lesson for Frank, and Britt and Franks dad also was in the room, but watching T.V. At first the TV was distracting, but as we started to get into the lesson, the spirit really took over. Britt and Franks dad was even listening. The spirit was soo strong and just had an amazing lesson. I invited him to be baptized on the 17th on June. he said he didn't know. I then explained why baptism is key. He said that he would try to work for the date and that he wants the void that he feels inside of him to be filled. We told the him that the Gospel will do just that. We are sooo excited to continue teaching him. I know that family is going to see miracles as they all listen in on the lessons. Brittany is amazing for sharing the Gospel with her family even though they don't approve.

Then we are teaching a guy named Dale. We met him tracting. Really cool experience. Mack and I were super discouraged one day and I was praying so hard that we would find the golden person that day tracting. Mack later told me that she was praying for the same thing. 2 houses after I started to pray, we met Dale. He is looking for the right religion and has a date set for the 17th as well. He is an awesome guy. In his 60's, and super nice. So we look forward to teaching him more as well.

Transfers are tomorrow, that's why P-Day is today. We are getting a new zone leader, but that's about all that is changing. I can't beleive I've hit my 2 month mark. Time is flying by. It's hard work, but truly rewarding.

Funny story. We went to dinner at a less actives house on Sunday with the Elders. She gave us bags of food for each companionship. After leaving her house, each companionship had doughnuts in their bags of goodies from her. While going down pueblo blvd, we had a doughnut fight... SO FUNNY. We had "tiwi's" in our car, they monitor our driving, and from the doughnut fight i got an "aggressive driving" alert. I didn't even care, because it was hilarious throwing doughnuts all over the place. I really love this area. I love the elders I serve with and I love that the ward is starting to recognize us and let us help. Mack and I are putting on a ward activity on June 22. We are so excited to plan it. I'll keep you updated on it.

Love you all :)
MIss you all so much!!
Have an amazing week.
-Sister Baker

Britny did send pics, but I couldn't open them.

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