Monday, April 30, 2012

A dramatic letter this week:

 I was really tired this week. My body isn't fully used to the new schedule and I honestly think I might have a dairy allergy.
This week we also had a night where we didn't get to do nightly planning.... wanna know why? Well simply because our house was COVERED IN MOTHS. WE killed 50+. It was disgusting. I wanted to die. I was screaming the whole time. Guts are all over our walls. We finally taped up our vents and it's helped the problem a little bit. We also had another cockroach. GROSS! This week we ran out of miles, so that sucked. We had to walk quite a bit. One appointment we had wasn't even home after we walked for like 30 minutes just to get there! We also did service this week. We painted the house of a less active. It was fun. We did it with our zone leaders and we just really had a good time doing it. We had a lot of dinners this week, too. Everyone loves to feed us spaghetti. It's gross. My compainion likes making it so I have to eat more too. Hahaha. Terrible. I truly love it out here. It's so hard. But it's not supposed to be easy. I love my comapinion too! She's so awesome! We get along soooo good. We laugh like non-stop, and we are good at teaching together and by the spirit. I'm really happy with where I am at. And I love the elders in our ward. They are awesome and really attractive. So that's good hahahha. IT WAS SO EXCITING TO SEE NICOLE AND ELIZABETH! ahhh. I loved it!!! I love that family. They are all so nice. And it made my whole week to see them! I love knowing they are so close and so caring!

So there is a family we are teaching.  THey are getting baptized on the 12th.  They are a poor family. They were completely prepared by Heavenly Father to hear our message though. Lessons with them are amazing. They have such faith and accept the Gospel with such ease. We tell them a commandment and they say, Okay. They don't need to fully understand because they just know it's right. They are such a humble, faithful, kind, friendly family. I love them so much! Meeting with them makes my day. They have been searching for years for the true church, and they finally found it. It's amazing to see their faith and to see how much they feel Christs love through us. Their prayers always include how grateful they are for us, and how they are so grateful that the Lord allows us to speak in ways that they can understand. The work is truly amazing out here.
 Have a good week.

with Nicole Hamler
with comp.  Sis Mackenzie
It's all good!
I wonder why the vacuum won't work?
 Oh, it must be this giant hairball!