Monday, April 9, 2012

First MTC e-mail

 I never knew how much missionaries enjoyed getting letters until now being a missionary. When your district leader hands you mail, it's a great moment!

In my district it's us three Sisters and then we have six Elders! I LOVE MY DISTRICT. We are ALL going to Colorado SPrings, so that's really cool. 

Life here is pretty crazy. Wake up at 5:45, shower, get ready, eat, have class for 3 hours, do activities, have lunch, have class again. It's constantly moving, but I think that is for the best, otherwise we would all break down I think. Hahaha

It's crazy how the spirit can enter into your life with such power. The spirit will help us, the more we invite him in. And I've felt that. I've felt my heart turn for the better towards certain things/people as I draw myself closer to our Savior and allow the spirit in.