Friday, June 28, 2013

June 24, 2012

How are you all doing? I hope so great :) My week was pretty good. This week I have really gained a renewed desire for the work. It's been amazing.
So we have been doing service quite a bit for this lady, and she is not a member. She is an older lady, and the first time we did service for her, she was pretty stand off-ish. She didn't seem appreciative at all that we were helping her. But we have continued to do service for her, and now we have built a relationship with her :) We love going over to her house and she is so appreciative of all we do now. She has become our friend and she is even opening up about her beliefs. The last two times we went over, we were able to share a thought with her and say a prayer as well. She is coming along. In most of my other areas, all the service opportunites came just from members. It's been such a testimony builder to me to see how Lynn is opening up just from us serving her and not pushing anything on her. We are building a friendship with her and now she is trusting us. It makes me just want to go and serve everyone!!!!  Because it truly opens doors. I can't remember if I mentioned this, but the Denver North mission is piloting a program for the church, along with just one another mission. They are becoming a part of and it's all about service in the community. So going into the new mission will be fun and full of service! I am excited.
We met with -------- this week, and he is doing so good. There was a baptism on Friday night and we called him and asked if he would like to attend. He agreed to come and meet with us beforehand. We hadn't seen him in awhile so we were hesitant about how the meeting would go. But it went great. We talked about baptism because he had never attended a baptism for our church before and he told us that he had been thinking a lot about his own baptism and that he knows it is the thing to do! He is amazing. His dream is to be baptized in Peru where he was introduced to the church and where his family is. We told him that we had been praying a lot about when he could be baptized and we knew he could be baptized on July 7th. We invited him to take the question of when he should be baptized to the baptismal service. During the service he was really paying attention. Afterwards he told us how great it was. He said that after seeing the person baptized with so many family members around he too wanted to be baptized in Peru with his family around. When he said these words, I felt peace and knew that it would be good for his family to see his baptism for they are not members. We are continuing to teach him and the first week of August he has a flight to Peru to be baptized there :) SO that is exciting.
On Wednesday this week, we had a specialized training. It was on family history and obedience. It was so good. I felt the spirit so strong. I also had a good interview with President Anderson.. since I won't be seeing him again till a mission reunion or something. I was able to meet my new mission president and I voiced to him that I wanted to train my last two transfers. President Anderson also told him that he would like me to train again as hopefully that happens. I'm excited about my new Mission President and Wife.. they are AWESOME! It's what I need. I need a new boost.. and a new mission.. 
Then this week we went on exchanges. I got to go with Sister Kartchner.. my like most favorite companion..and it was JUST what I needed. She goes home in a transfer and we both have been struggling with similar things. We set goals and decided how we can finish strong. It's truly what gave me the desire to be a more motivated missionary. I love that girl. While together, we said prayers for each other and it was amazing. I'm just excited to be here.. and to see the work go forward in this rough area.
This week we taught a lesson on prayer and it was awesome. We taught about how the atonement was a prayer.. and what that signifies. I love prayer. I have such a testimony of it.

That is my week :) LOVE YOU ALL
-SIster Baker