Monday, September 24, 2012

September 4, 2012

Well, my week has been good :) Here is an update.
This weekend, Friday and Saturday, I got to go to a sisters conference. There are 16 sisters in the mission and we all got to go to the mission home for the night. It was pretty fun :)  It's weird that I'm one of the older sisters in the mission now. The end of this month will be 6 months out.. a 3rd done. I can't believe it. I only have like a year left. How time flies.
At the conference we had a therapist come talk to us hahahah. cause us girls are crazy. We think we need to be perfect. It was nice to have her come. She has us lay down and do breathing exercises and talked about how we are good enough. We don't need to be perfect. It was a good reminder. Then we talked about our purpose, getting along with our comps, and dress code. It was a good update for sure. I was so happy that I got to see Sister Brady. I miss her. hahah. Crazy... I KNOW!!!! But she is one of my best friends now. She truly is. 
At the sisters conference we were talking about what the covenants we have made do for us. And I raised my hand and began to cry as I talked about how grateful I am for temple covenants. Never before have I really thought about it. It was like a moment of bearing testimony and in return finding a testimony. I talked about how I would of never been able to come on a mission if it weren't for Christ and now, after going through the temple, each of us is endowed with power from on high, and having that knowledge is what gets me through each day. I love the church :)
I also bore testimony there of how we can each learn something from our comps. I talked about sis brady and started to cry once again. I'm grateful the Lord knows me, and knows what I need in my life. What a blessing.
GUESS WHAT! ------- got confirmed this week.. it was so good.. adn then he bore his testimony :) :) :). How great it was! He looked at us when people were bearing testimony and said how is heart was full. Then he kept fidgeting and finally got up.  He thanked everyone from the pulpit and said how grateful he was for the sisters and that we chose to go back to his house. He talked about how happy he was that he let us in cause his life is so much better now.  
Yesterday was Labor day, so we had to have a work day. We tracted a lot but had little success.
 Love you all :) Have a good week!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Sister Baker